What’s most important for a coding and marking laser equipment


Even the best run factories can be dusty and when dust gets inside a laser its reliability suffers.

“I need a laser that operates reliably in the difficult environment condition of my production plant.”

Geza Nazy
Senior Packaging Specialist
Nestlé – Hungary


Factory managers always look for ways to increase throughput but too often the laser cannot cope.

“I need a laser that is designed to be easy to integrate and to use in my plant.”

Sina Adeniran
National Electrical & Automations Manager
Coca-Cola – Nigeria


It’s increasingly important that the codes which companies put on their products are high quality and easy for end-users to read.

“I need a laser that can consistenly deliver the print quality that my customers demand.”

Anthony Micallef
Packaging Manager
Simonds Farsons Ask Plc – Malta


Time is money in the factory and managers don’t want equipment which uses lots of operator time.

“I want a laser that can easily acomodate the needs of my production line.”

Jozsef Torok
T&L Manager
Unilever – India


Demands in the production environment change: faster lines, new materials, changes to messages and graphics.

“I need a laser that not only meets my needs today but can also adapt to my needs tomorrow.”

Miquel Prats
Packaging Specialist
Nestlé – Spain


The cost of a laser is largely hidden. It includes the cost of maintenance to keep the lenses dust free.

“I need a laser that does not cost me more to acquire, operate and own than I expected.”

Joe Lim
Business Development Manager
Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd – Singapore


Macsa has a responsible approach to the environment and a clear and visible ethical policy.

“I prefer to work with suppliers which have a clear and visible ethical policy including a responsible approach to the environment, and their employees and other stakeholders.”

Fernando Prieto
Managing Director
Pritech – Brasil

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